Lighting Installs as easy as 1-2-3

Want to install accent lighting or other 12-volt accessories, but are deterred by wiring hassles? TechnoTree Technologies unique distributive system makes it as easy as 1-2-3.TechnoTrees distributive receiver system can be installed anywhere you can find a 12-volt power source. Also there is no need to run all the wiring back to a central point, usually under the dash, and no switch bank to install either its remote controlled. This install is being done on a 2004 Toyota Camry. The owner recently installed a JVC aftermarket audio system. The system consists of an Arsenal Series head unit, the industrys first full color OEL display P/N KDAR7000. 6-1/2 Component front speakers P/N CSHS601 and the rear speakers are 5-way 6x9s P/N CSHX6955. The 3 10 subs are Warren G Signature Series P/N CSWG1000. The systems two amps are a 4 channel and a 2 channel Warren G Signature Series P/N KSAX7300 and KSAX7700 respectively.

The owner decided to install accent lighting by StreetGlow. The vehicle has a Gold Series underbody kit in white. The interior sports under dash neon in blue and vent openings are done with blue LEDs. The 3 subs and amps in the trunk will be neon blue and is the subject of this particular install. Since the TechnoTree receiver can be installed wherever a 12-volt can be found, we chose the trunk deck light as our power source. The light was opened to gain access to its positive and negative wires. Determination of the positive wire was made using a pin type circuit tester. Once we determined the polarity of the wires, the trunk light fuse was pulled to prevent shorts during the install. Note: The battery could also be disconnected if that is easier than locating the fuse.

Two StreetGlow neon blue tubes were installed to add illumination to the subs and amps. The lighting kit contains a lighter adapter, transmitter and two neon tubes. A tip: Assemble the system and plug it into the lighter input to check if the system is operational before installing. Since the install will be hard wired the lighter adapter will not be used. It should be removed by cutting the wire or disassembling the adapter. Step 1 The TechnoTree receiver is now ready for installation. Attach the two wires on the left side of the receiver; the wire with the white stripe is positive the other is negative, to the positive and negative wires on the trunk light using electrical connectors. If not available, splice the wires together and wrap with a good quality electrical tape. Step 2 Attach the two wires from the right side of the receiver, the wire with the white stripe is positive the other is negative, to the positive and negative wires of the transformer supplied with the kit, using electrical connectors or by splicing and taping.

Step 3 Plug the two neon tubes into the transformer and the wiring is complete. Now perform the following steps to program the receiver. Remove the two Phillips head screws and remove the cover. Locate the small jumper block shown in Figure ? Gently pull up on the jumper block that is pressed onto one of the pins. Lift it off of the single pin and reposition it over both pins and gently press down. Press the keypad button you wish to use several times, the lights should turn on and off. Replace the jumper so that it covers just one pin. Replace the cover on the receiver. The receiver will now respond to the button you pressed. We chose to attach the components to the underside of the package tray using hook and loop tape, but they could also be installed with screws. The install is now complete and as easy as 1-2-3.