TechnoTree's OEM remote control gives your customers more for their money!

TechnoTree's OEM remote control is the most advanced programmable vehicle control system available today. It provides quality OEM remote control for a wide variety of lighting, audio systems and other accessories for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and snowmobiles.

Program up to four separate 12-volt functions with TechnoTree's OEM remote control system.

TechnoTree Technologies puts total control in the palm of your customer's hand with this state-of-the-art OEM remote control system. With a push of one of the keypad buttons, your customers can turn on and off their neon or LED lights, their strobes or their sound system from inside or outside the vehicle. With the optional 10-amp relay, the OEM remote control system receivers will control accessories that draw more than one amp, such as neon or LED underbody kits. The system includes:

A five-button key fob transmitter - four buttons for on/off and one button for all-off. This wireless, battery-operated transmitter communicates with the system's receivers. With the push of a button, you can send individual on/off commands or with the 5th button, send an off command to all receivers, shutting the entire system down.

A receiver - The receiver unit "listens" for on/off commands from the system key fob transmitter and controls your customer's accessory lights or other applications. Each receiver is programmable to any of the four key fob function buttons, depending on your customer's needs. Each key fob transmitter has a different "master" code so you don't have to worry about interference with or from another TechnoTree control system. This programmable receiver can control LED, neon, strobe, auxiliary lighting and audio functions. The receiver requires activation by a key fob transmitter.

For accessories that draw over 1 amp, a separate 10-amp relay is required. A starter kit consists of a single key fob transmitter and a single receiver. Individual receivers, key fob transmitters and 10 amp relays can be purchased separately.

TechnoTree's unique distributive system is a breeze to install.

The TechnoTree system receivers can be installed anywhere in the vehicle where there is 12-volt wiring nearby. There is no switchbank to install and no need to run wires from multiple accessories back to a central point in the console or up under the dash. Simply install the receiver near the accessory and the 12-volt source. Then attach the wire from the left side of the receiver (the side with the white stripe is +, the other is ground) to the 12-volt wiring in the vehicle. Then connect the wire from the right side of the receiver (the side with the white stripe is + and the other is ground) accessory, and you're done. It is just that simple!

To program the receiver, remove the cover and gently pull up on the jumper block that is pressed onto one of the pins on the pc board. Lift the jumper block off the single pin and reposition it over both pins, then gently press down. Select the key fob function button you want this accessory to respond to and press that button several times - the accessory will turn on and off. Now remove the jumper block from its position over both pins and reposition it so that it once more covers only one pin. Replace the receiver cover, and you are finished. The receiver is now programmed!

Quality engineered systems from Dukane Corporation

The TechnoTree Systems are quality engineered to ISO 9001; 2000 standard requirements. TechnoTree Technologies is a division of Dukane Corporation, a manufacturer of over 1,200 products for industrial, institutional and government markets. The engineering and manufacturing disciplines inherent in these products include the fields of acoustics, optics, mechanics and electronics.