Out on the street, it's all about control. Of your ride. Your style. Your life.

Whether it's neon, strobes, LEDs, a slammin' sound system or other 12-volt accessories, TechnoTree Technologies puts total control in the palm of your hand with a simple, easy to install remote system. NEW and available now ... control of amp racks, moving component drawers, trunk deck solenoids, actuators and other motorized 12-volt accessories. future-car You can program four to eight 12-volt functions, on one keypad transmitter, depending on model, because YOU are in control. And if you want to control the installation too, our 12-volt control system is the industrys easiest to install bar none. No complicated tangle of connections. Just two simple wires.

12V LED Switches

Customize your ride, your way - with a high tech car remote transmitter receiver system from TechnoTree Technologies.

TechnoTree's unique car remote transmitter receiver system has two components - the five-button key fob remote control that sends the activation command and the receiver that responds to the commands by turning your accessories on and off. TechnoTree's distributive car remote transmitter receiver system can be installed anywhere there is a 12V power source in the vehicle. These systems can be used as 12V LED switches to turn your LED lights on and off from inside or outside the car with your key fob remote control! Even though the car transmitter receivers function like 12V LED switches, the key fob remote control can also be used with interior and exterior neon, single lights, underbody kits, shift knobs, license plate frames windshield washer lights and other cool accessories.

TechnoTree's car remote transmitter receiver system with key fob remote control and receivers that operate like 12V LED switches -- the most advanced programmable vehicle control system available today.

TechnoTree Technologies' car remote transmitter receiver system gives you everything you need to customize your ride to your style!

Five-button key fob remote control.
12V LED switches to turn neon, audio or other accessories on and off.
Easy-to-follow instructions.
10 amp relay - for applications that draw over 1 amp.
Use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, ATVs and more!

The TechnoTree transmitter system can operate a wide variety of 12V accessories. When used with LED lighting, it works like a series of 12V LED switches to turn individual lights on and off. With the optional 10-amp relay, control system receivers can manage accessories that draw more than one amp, such as LED and neon underbody kits. If your application exceeds 10 amps, you should consult with a professional installer.

An easy way to show off your ride!


TechnoTree systems are a real breeze to install. No complicated tangle of wires running under the floorboards, under the seats and up under the dash. Just connect two simple wires and you're done! The TechnoTree system allows you to program up to four separate 12-volt functions on one keypad. With a push of one button, you can send individual on/off commands and with the 5th button, send an all-off command to receivers, shutting the entire system down. With the TechnoTree system, you are in your ride and back on the street in no time at all. Whether it's neon, strobes, LED, a slammin' sound system or other 12-volt accessories, TechnoTree Technologies puts control in the palm of your hand with this unique state-of-the-art programmable vehicle accessory system.

All the help you need from TechnoTree Technologies.

If you need help while installing your TechnoTree System, our web site offers detailed installation instructions. In addition, our web site offers technical and non-technical FAQs for further help. You can order online 24-hours a day using our secure server. You can also order by phone or by mail. We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa for all online and phone orders.

TechnoTree Technologies is a division of Dukane Corporation, a privately held multi-million dollar company located in a suburban area of Chicago, Illinois. Dukane manufacturers over 1,200 products for use in the industrial, institutional and government markets. The engineering and manufacturing disciplines inherent in these products include the fields of acoustics, optics, mechanics and electronics. The success of our business is integrally tied to our ability to satisfy customers. Since our founding in 1922, we have never lost sight of this fundamental tenet of business. We are completely committed to the principle of total customer satisfaction.

9 Button Keypad Controls 12-Volt Accessory Systems

This wireless, battery operated transmitter communicates with the systems receiver/s. With the push of a button, you can send eight individual on/off or pulse activation commands. PD_KeypadThe ninth button sends an off command to All trained receivers. The keypad must be used with a receiver unit. Kits (Keypad and Receiver) are available. Additional switch and pulse type receivers are also sold separately.

9 control buttons 8 for on/off or pulse activation and 1 for all off. Self contained replaceable battery. FCC approved. Patent Pending

Receiver - Switch Type Installs Easily - 2 Wire Connection

The Receiver unit listens for on/off commands from the system Keypad and controls your LED, neon, strobe, audio and other 12-volt accessories. Each receiver/application is programmable to the desired keypad button location. Each receiver has a different master code so that you dont have to worry about interference with another TechnoTree system. This receiver must be used with a Keypad unit. Kits (Keypad/s and Receiver) are available. Additional switch and pulse type receivers are also sold separately.


Power input and output is +12-Volts and ground. The wire with the white stripe is +12-Volts. Note: Applications over 1 Amp require a relay (sold separately).

The switch type receiver is a remote control on/off switch, sometimes referred to as a latched switch. When turned on the switch stays in the on position until it is turned off using the same button on the keypad or the all off button. The switch type receiver is used to control LED, neon, strobe, auxiliary lighting, audio systems and other similar 12-volt accessories.

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